13 Signs That You Are An Emotionally Intelligent Person

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Have you ever noticed some people seem to succeed at everything while others struggle through it all? Could this be in relation to what kind of intelligence they carry?

Well, if you know anything about emotional intelligence you know that people with it tend to do quite well for themselves. Emotional intelligence is merely the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of those around you. People who are emotionally intelligent can harness their emotions and apply them to their everyday activities. Regulating emotions like this can really help cheer a person up and in some cases calm them down.

Below you will find a list of the most common traits found in emotionally intelligent people. That being said, if the following does not apply to you it doesn’t mean you are not smart or emotionally in-tune, it just means you have some things to work on. Anyone can become emotionally intelligent!

1. They create boundaries

Emotionally intelligent people set boundaries and those boundaries are not to be crossed; saying ‘no’ when it is necessary is no issue for them.

2. They focus on the positive things in life

They do not let the negative things in life get them down. Focusing on the problem will not get anyone anywhere and they know this all too well.

3. They know they are not perfect

They know their own faults and have been working to resolve them. They make mistakes just like everyone else and they accept their mistakes.

4. They know when it is time to work

They do not waste time at work, because everything they do is productive. They know that there is a time for and a time for play.

5. They do not mind change

They know that change is not something to be afraid of. When change happens it is not seen as something terrible raining down on them, it is something good to come no matter what it is.

6. They are curious

They want to get to know the people around them, they do not cut themselves off and think only of themselves.

7. They are highly empathetic

They show compassion when it is needed and are always taking the time to notice others who may need a little help.

8. They know their strengths

They are aware of the things they are good at and do not mind helping others become good at them as well.

9. They are not stuck in the past

They have moved on from the past and do not dwell on it.

10. They are self-motivated

They work towards their own goals and know where they are going in life.

11. They do not offend easily

It can be hard to make an emotionally intelligent person offended. They usually maintain an open mind and cast off what you say negatively.

12. They have confidence

They know who they are and where they intend to go in life. They are confident in this and know their goals will be achieved.

13. They do not manipulate easily

They will not allow someone to take control of them. They can tell when someone is being sketchy and will not deal with that kind of behavior.

This article contains information from Psychology Today, to read more about emotional intelligence click here. 

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