15+ People Who Brilliantly Turned Art History into Modern-Day Memes

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Funny Museum Snapchats

Photo: Imgur

There are many ways to experience a museum. In addition to viewing the work on the walls and exhibits on the floor, you can have a little fun with social media. People have made a habit of making funny museum Snapchats that essentially turn priceless art and objects into lighthearted memes. It’s a whole new way to look at the historic works in these institutions—and they’re guaranteed to make you laugh.

From stone sculptures to Renaissance paintings, people are adding witty quips to museum collections around the world. Often, these attach pop culture references to the subjects of the works. One trio of statues, for instance, lean in towards one another with their hands touching; their sassy stances make them look like they belong in Beyonce’s Single Ladies video. In another nod to music videos, a painting—created well before the 1980s—is the spitting image of Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller dance.

Finding these moments of when you can infuse a bit of 21st-century humor into antiquities makes going to a museum like a scavenger hunt for jokes. It connects the old with the new in a way that only social media can—with a bit of cheekiness that you and others can enjoy, even if they’re across the globe.

Check out some of the most creative and funny museum Snapchats, below.

People are finding new ways to enjoy art history with funny museum Snapchats.

Ladies at the club:

Do you really have to ask?

Fine, OKAY?

Ugh, RLY?

See all the leather-bound books I own.

Hey Beyonce, look familiar?

When you’ve already used all your data for the month.

Pizza is always the right reason to stay.

I drank the equivalent of 10 bananas, 30 strawberries, and five bunches of spinach.

So squishy. So cold.

Do I look this bad?

The moment just washes over you…

And it’s all the rage!

Funny Museum Snapchats

Photo: Piximus

When you’re in high school and you can’t get your curfew extended.

Is that so much to ask?

Funny Museum Snapchats

Photo: Piximus

The struggle is oh, so real.

Who cares about the specials?!

I’ll put down my phone when I’m good and ready. (Never.)

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