#65: When Multi-Purpose Rooms Drive You Multi-Shades Of Crazy

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We’ve probably all got dual purpose rooms like a mudroom-slash-laundry room, a breakfast-nook-slash-homework-spot, or the ol’ guest-room-slash-office. So today we’re sharing the key to making one space actually work in multiple ways – instead of feeling like it does one thing waaay better than the other. We also chat about a recent attic clutter revelation, and John shares a negotiation technique so covert you might not even know you’re doing it. He also gets a tool he has daydreamed about for years and Sherry’s love of all things woo-woo leads her to try some unusual accessories that claim to help with sleep, allergies, and even happiness.

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What’s New

  • If you missed our big news last week, you can catch up on last week’s episode (#64) here and check out this “before tour” of our new duplex.
  • You can also hear about our failed yard sale from a couple of years ago on Episode #56 and see this year’s “yard sale promo photo” that we took the day before the sale above.
  • We haven’t installed our new Nest thermostats in the beach house yet (maybe tomorrow!) but we got the Nest Thermostat E. We love the new look (white will blend in so much more covertly), and I think the only major lost functionality is the “learning” aspect of the regular Nest Thermostat (we plan to program ours and just change it on the fly via our phones if we need to).
  • You can also read more about why we love our Nest and how easy they are to install. We’ve had the 1st generation one for the last four years and have zero complaints. It saves us lots of money.

What’s Not

Listener Question

  • Above is a photo of the craft table we created along one wall of our guest room to add a second function to the room (so it doesn’t sit empty and unused for all those days when nobody is staying in there). The drawers are two Ikea bases (one from the as-is section – with a matching one that we later found on craigslist) and a tiered plywood top that we added ourselves.
  • Below is the guest “side” of the room. These photos are a little old (they’re from our second book) because when I went to take a current picture I realized it’s full of stuff for the beach house. Oops! But the desk usually only has the sewing machine on it (the other stuff was added to cute it up for the book shot).

We’re Digging

If you’re looking for something we’ve dug in a past episode, but don’t remember which show notes to click into, here’s a master list of everything we’ve been digging from all of our past episodes.

Lastly, a big thank you to Grove Collaborative for sponsoring this episode. You can head over to grove.co/YHL to automatically get $20 off your first order of $40 or more AND to get our favorite natural cleaner, Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Spray, thrown in for free!

Thanks for listening, guys!

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