8 Mindless Habits That Reveal You’re Living With High Functioning Anxiety

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Some people dealing with high functioning anxiety are not quite sure what it is they are going through. Many undiagnosed people tend to confuse high functioning anxiety with depression or other mental illnesses when that is simply not the case.

That being said anxiety is very serious, just as serious as depression and can become crippling. People living with high functioning anxiety whether aware of it or not will do most of if not all of the following things. Keep in mind though everyone is different and just because you don’t do all of these things doesn’t mean you do not have anxiety.

1. You are weird

No, I am not saying this as a bad thing. You are just odd and people pick up on that, they just don’t understand it so they chalk it up as a quirk and don’t think twice about it.

2. You are good at keeping a straight face

You can look calm all the while screaming inside your own mind.

3.You don’t think very much of yourself

You often feel your best is not good enough and while your life seems to be put together on the outside the inside is a train wreck.

4. You feel isolated even when surrounded by those who care about you

This does not happen all the time but when it does it is heartbreaking. You have trouble even accepting compliments sometimes because you just don’t believe them. Being lonely on the inside is a terrible feeling. It is as if you are trapped in your own mind.

5. You procrastinate

Not because you want to wait until the last minute but because you don’t want to do whatever it is at all. This could be something as simple as making a phone call or as monumental as going to a meeting with all of your bosses present.

6. You bite your nails or twirl your hair

This helps you to distract yourself from what is going on in your mind. I myself am a guilty nail biter.

7. You aim for perfection

Nothing is good enough unless it is perfect. Your work has to be spot on. You desire to please everyone around you and it is exhausting.

8. You don’t go out often

You avoid going out like the plague shallow encounters with people are the worst and you get nervous just thinking about having to converse with a stranger.

While all of these things may not sound big to someone with high functioning anxiety they are enormous hurdles that must be overcome each and every day. If you know someone with high functioning anxiety let them know they are not alone. While it can be crippling there are ways to overcome it. To better understand anxiety check out the video below.

For more information on subtle signs that indicate you have an anxiety disorder click here. 

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