9 Essential Oils You Need This Winter For Beautiful Hair

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There is so much to love about winters except one thing, the dry weather. It sucks all the moisture out of our hair, leaving it all frizzy and prone to breakage. And then there is that looming threat of finding your broken hair on your clothes. (That feeling is no less than a heartbreak).

Today we are going over six essential oils, that not only hydrate your scalp and provide the moisture it had been deprived off but also helps in strengthening your scalp and adding a natural shine to your hair.

1. Rosemary Oil

Your hair is exposed to pollution and the damage that comes with it. In addition to that, some conditioners are primarily made of chemicals, which leads to increased free radical damage.

Rosemary essential oil is full of anti-oxidants which prevents the free radical damage and also stimulates hair follicles (Similar to how the top hair supplements work too). This leads to hair growth and scalp which is free from itch & irritation.

You can take five drops of rosemary oil and five drops of olive oil. Massage your scalp with the mix and leave it untouched for 2 hours. You can then wash it off with water.

2. Cedarwood Oil

The masculine, woody scent is what makes cedarwood oil a favorite among men. But it is also loaded with benefits for your hair. Regular massage of cedarwood oil on your scalp helps in increasing blood circulation, and this ultimately stops thinning of hair. With better blood circulation, hair follicles get all the nourishment they need and that in turn leads to hair growth.

Cedarwood oil works best when paired with coconut oil. So take four drops each (of coconut oil and cedarwood oil) and massage into your scalp.

Cedarwood Oil

3. Ylang Ylang Oil

The moment you open the cap of ylang-ylang oil, you fall in love with its delightful aroma. But that’s not all as it stimulates the production of natural sebum which keeps your hair hydrated and nourished.

You can pair 4-5 drops of ylang-ylang with your favorite shampoo. Alternatively, you can also massage your scalp with 3-4 drops of ylang-ylang oil before sleep.

4. Tea Tree Oil

If dry hair has lead to scalp irritation and dandruff, then tea tree essential oil is what you need to get.

Naturally enriched with anti-bacterial properties, it actively works to eliminate dandruff. It also frees from your scalp from itchiness & irritation.

All you need to do is take three drops of tea tree oil in a bowl and add two drops of rosemary oil. Then add ten drops of Jojoba Oil. Take a brush and gently apply the mix to your scalp. Leave it untouched for two hours. Then wash it off with shampoo.

This recipe should be applied 2-3 times a week for best results.

Tea Tree Oil

5. Lavender Oil

Don’t you just love when you open a bottle, and you just love its fragrance. This is exactly what happens with lavender oil. But it’s soothing aroma is not the only thing that makes lavender oil one of our favorites.

It helps in increasing the number of hair follicles which leads to thicker hair. It is also rich in antioxidants which help in keeping your scalp hydrated.

6. Argan Oil

Argan Oil is not exactly an essential oil, but we cannot have a hair-care list without it. It is an integral part of the Moroccan culture, and it has been used for centuries.

The fatty acids rich Argan Oil nourishes your scalp, which helps it in retaining the moisture. So before you head out, just massage your hair with few drops of Argan Oil.

That’s not all you can pair two drops each of lavender & rosemary oil, with four drops of Argan Oil, to create a perfect blend of split ends.

This completes our list of the top six essentials you’ll need this winter. With a wide array of benefits, you can create your organic kit for winters.

Argan Oil



Cedarwood Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Argan Oil