Can I get a hell yeah for Hellshire Beach! 🍤🐟🦑🦐

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For a family that loves fish and all things seafood, the famous Hellshire Beach located just outside of Portmore gave us the perfect day out!

I find myself falling more in love with Jamaica after a visit to yet another beach and this time with my family in tow I knew it was about to be epic. After stopping to pick-up Uncle Leroy in Spanish Town, we reached Hellshire Beach which was roughly a 45-minute drive. Looking out the window after the occasional doze, (forgive me the heat still makes me tired and car journeys are so therapeutic) down country lanes, over the hills the views of the sea running to the south make it a perfect weekend retreat for Kingstonian’s.

Met with some friendly Jamaican’s who insisted that we follow their directions to park in a free-running, chaotic parking area. We were summoned to having ‘fresh fish, lobster caught today, free wifi, fried bammy, festival, plantain and good vibes’. How could we resist such brilliant offer?

We got exactly what we were told, including the free wifi, because who doesn’t like to update their Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp story!?

Looking out onto the beach and sea full of relaxed and very happy people with reggae in the background, we all were feeling ‘irie’. Sipping on some Wray (Wray and Nephew, over-proof white rum) and pineapple juice, we were ready to soak up the rum with some good food.

For a minute I thought the rum had gone to my head, but no, I wasn’t imagining things, the chef had put three live lobsters snapping away down on the table! Can it get fresher than that!? Check out the video below of the lobster before it ended up on my plate. Traditional Jamaican seafood

dishes such as, fried fish, steamed fish and lobster are generally accompanied with festival, which is basically a sweetened fried dumpling, plantain and bammy a traditional cassava flatbread. Fried (escovitch fish) or steamed fish dishes are usually cooked with white onions, sliced carrots and thinly sliced scotch bonnet peppers. The sweet and spicy flavours are enhanced with vinegar when cooking and let me tell you, the flavours are immensely tasty. The lobster was cut down the middle and opened up for cooking in a spicy oil with scotch bonnets, and scallion onions. Soaking up the lobster juice and remaining spicy oil with some bammy and festival is a taste I will not forget in a hurry.

So from us, it’s a hell yeah to Hellshire Beach, I will definitely be returning!

steam fish


Peace, Love and Guidance always

J, B


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