Everything Bagel Ravioli

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Homemade everything spice makes these really shine.

Pipe the filing in a circle to form the bagel shape. The filling has cream cheese, butter toasted breadcrumbs, parm, and an egg.

press in the center followed by the edges and make sure to seal everything tight.

Cute little bagel ravioli. I used a straw to punch out the center but made sure it was all really sealed before and after.

Then boil them like any ravioli.

Toss in the pan with bacon, and add them straight to a bowl with egg and parm.

Garnish with more everything spice. These were really tasty and totally had the flavors of everything bagel!

The bacon and simple sauce really let the everything spice and cream cheese filling be the star of the dish. Making them into the bagel shape was not only really cool looking, but also helped the pasta to filling ratio.

My fresh pasta recipe is here.

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