Goal Setting and the Magic of the Universe

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Improve your life by setting goals and tapping into the creative power of the Universe.

Back in high school I remember talking to my first official boss, besides my dad who managed my paper route, about my burning desire to succeed. He asked me where I got this so called burning desire and til this day I cannot tell you where I got it or why I continue to have it. I can tell you that my desire to succeed has transformed over time and that is directly a result of me looking inward. I’ve learned so much, over the almost 50 years I’ve been on this planet, about life, living, desires, satisfaction, happiness, love, and yes, goal setting.

There are hordes and hordes of different kinds of goal setting, most of which I believe fails us. I want to give you a few simple ideas and strategies to help you make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals.

First of all, there are a bunch of different categories for which you can set goals. There is also an incredible amount of detail you can get into if you have the time, but I know most of do not. If you read my column last week you know that I like to set New Year’s principles not goals. However, I do set goals on a regular basis, all the time. I’m always redefining what I want and changing course as my desires change.

Looking at the big picture, you can choose a 1 year, 3 year, and 10 year goal. You can also use 3 simple categories of personal, health, and career goals. That’s obviously a wide range and view from the top of your life. I find that while that’s a worthwhile exercise, it’s more productive for me to set daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals as well.

My daily goals are simple. What 3 things am I going to do today that are going to make me feel accomplished? There is a philosophy from Brian Tracy where he talks about eating the frog. If you ate a frog first thing in the morning, everything else you did that day would feel easy. I try to shoot for eating the frog as soon as possible.

My weekly goals are things that I know need to be done weekly or a project I’m working on. For instance, I set a goal to manage my finances every Friday. I reconcile my books, make sure I know what’s coming in and what’s going out. I look at my investments and what I am looking forward to in the future. That is a scheduled event every Friday, but it’s also a goal of mine to stay on track. Then of course, that follows in the monthly, quarterly, and annual goals as well.

Here are a few basic things to make sure you stay on track with your goals.

Make Them Simple

Too often we get consumed by setting goals, but it doesn’t need to be so complicated. Choose something you want, whether it’s spending more time with your spouse or exercising more, and commit to doing it.

Read Them Daily

This will help you keep your goals at the top of your mind. It will increase your focus and allow you to achieve your goals more easily. I remember it took me years to quit smoking, but I always kept in on my list of goals. Eventually it happened and it was one of the best things I ever did.

Be Relentless

There is no way you can expect that your goals are going to achieve themselves. You are the one who is going to create them, you are the one who is going to believe you can actually achieve your goals, and you are the one who must take the relentless action toward achieving your goals.

If you write down 5 wins everyday you will begin to search for things in your world that you want to accomplish. Your goals will become much easier to achieve and you’ll begin to move into a new realm of co-creating with the universe. You’ll know and trust that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, now you’ll want to begin to see what the world has to offer that you can creating. It’s a beautiful place to be and it’s easier to get there than you think.

Take some time in meditation, visualize your goals, and begin to see yourself achieving them. Then take your visualization to the next level and see what the world is going to provide for you. Not only will you achieve your goals, but you will reach new heights that you never knew existed. That’s where the magic lies. And someday, you may even have a goal of doing a handstand on top of Haleakula Crate in Maui. I can help you with that one 😉 and I’m always here to help you along your journey. You can find me @teddymcdonald.

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Source: Goal Setting and the Magic of the Universe