Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List (With Stuff Under $20 – And Even $5!)

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I’m a little late with this, so thank you to everyone who so sweetly inquired about the whereabouts of our annual gift guide. Here she blows! We’ve crammed everything into one big post – so here you’ll find a gift guide for grown-ups, one for the kids (including a bunch of things we got for our own kids or that they already have & love) and a bonus gift guide full of stuff that’s under $20 (some is even under $10 – and a few things are under $5!!!). So without further ado, let’s get to the goods.

Holiday Gifts For Grown Ups

  • 9. We’ve had this Shark vacuum for years & LOVE it (no cord!). Just got the beach house one!
  • 10. We all have that glamorous friend & this fancy cheese board is her in cheese board form.
  • 11. The charm is basically dripping off of this old school alarm clock in its deep green color. 
  • 12. Nothing’s more satisfying than a pressure washer (nothing!). Here’s the one we have/love.
  • 13. Also on John’s list is an Amazon Echo Dot, which does tons & even works as an intercom.
  • 14. This duffel with leather straps is another one of those good looking yet practical gifts.
  • 15. Move over other gifts on this list, because pizza socks are my favorite thing of the year.
  • 16. A heavy duty tool box keeps everything organized, yet easily transportable. Win/win.
  • 17. John agonized over new laptop bag & tons of you said “An eBag!” Good call, he loves it.
  • 18. This faux leopard throw is marked down & SO COZY (we have one on our couch). Defintiely something they’d use for years. Or get it for yourself and thank me later 😉

Ok, three deep breaths and then it’s onto the stuff for the kids! HUZZAH!

Holiday Gifts For Kiddos

  • 1. A World Full Of Animal Stories has gorgeous pages that could also be framed!
  • 2. This personalized bowling set is such a thoughtful gift (hello, family heirloom?!)
  • 3. Patches are the perfect stocking stuffers with a built-in activity! Love this ice cream patch.
  • 4. Yup, more patches! Our kids dig the DIY nature of ’em. Like this watermelon patch.
  • 5. These bug patches kill me. Make shirts, decorate a jean jacket, we even do doll clothes.
  • 6. Our girl loves robots, so we got her this emoji coding robot & can’t wait for her reaction.
  • 7. I can’t explain why kids love pushing something around like this wooden shopping cart more than any other gift, but it’s a true phenomenon.
  • 8. This vintage play food set will get broken out for every stuffed animal picnic. So sweet.
  • 9. Santa’s also bringing Jenga to our house this year. Such a fun game for kids of all ages.

And now onto my personal favorite gift guide of the year. The under $20 roundup! I love the idea of something inexpensive yet super thoughtful or even personalized. So let’s dive right in.

Holiday Gifts Under $20

And since there are some pretty great sales going on right now, here’s what I’ve found so far:

So there it is. Ho-ho-hope you guys got some fun gift ideas (that groaner of a pun was my gift to you for making it to the bottom of this post). And feel free to tell us what you’re giving (and hoping to receive) on Instagram or Facebook. I’m off to have a completely reasonable and not at all insane lunch of holiday cookies and apple cider. Tis the season!

Psst- We’ll be back with pics of our house all decorated for Christmas later this week 🙂

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