How everything in physics is connected in one awesome map

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Physics is an immensely complex field. But it’s also one of the most fascinating, dealing with everything from black holes and wormholes to quantum teleportation and gravitational waves.  The problem is, unless you have an intimate knowledge of the field, it’s difficult to figure out how all these concepts fit together – and how they tie in with the stuff like the physics of inertia and circuits that we learned back in high school.  Remember F = ma ?

To straighten that out once and for all, YouTuber Dominic Walliman has created a map that shows how the many branches of physics link together, from the earliest days of classical physics and Isaac Newton, all the way through to Einstein’s relativity and quantum physics (with a little bit of philosophy thrown in there for good measure).

Click the Map of Physics below to see a larger, more legible version.

How everything in physics is connected

The Map of Physics, via Dominic Walliman

Walliman has also created an animation that walks you through the map step by step, and summarizes the history of physics, in just 8 minutes.

It takes you all the way from Newton’s famous falling apple to modern scientists attempting to peer inside black holes and find a theory to unify gravity with quantum mechanics.  The video also shows that there’s a gaping “chasm of ignorance” that physicists need to fill in before we can truly understand how the Universe works. This includes things like dark matter and energy, which work in theory, but so far have never been directly observed or explained.

So, for anyone who’s ever hurt their brain by trying to think about what the Universe is expanding into, or what exactly space-time is made of, this is for you. Because when the history of physics is broken down into a palatable 8 minutes, it suddenly doesn’t seem so scary after all.

Story Source:  Science Alert

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