How to Make 2018 Your Year

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Are you writing down your New Year’s Resolutions again?  Now I’m going to show you how to actually implement your New Year’s Resolutions and make 2018 your year.

  • Clarify your goals in detail. Your goals shouldn’t be something like “I’ll make a lot of money this year” because that’s not concrete enough.  Instead, your goals should be “I’ll make $100,000 by 31st December, 2018” because this is a very specific goal.  Only specific goals can be measured!
  • Go through daily rituals that help you achieve your goals. There is a book called Daily Rituals.  Although that book is not very well-written, I highly recommend the concept of daily rituals.  A daily ritual is something that you do consistently so that you are constantly moving towards your goal.  For instance, maybe your goal is to change your career by the end of 2018.  So your daily ritual can be sending out your resumes to three companies every day.  You can contact companies that don’t advertise their positions online and you’ll be surprised to see many more opportunities that most people aren’t aware of.  Usually, when you send your resume to a company that has no online job advertisement, you are probably reaching out before the fierce competition even starts.
  • Find an accountability buddy. If you’re not sure whether you will stick to your daily rituals, you can find an accountability buddy who can hold you accountable.  Or maybe you can hold each other accountable if your accountability buddy also has goals and daily rituals.  This is a great way to get some external support.

         I hope you will make success inevitable in 2018!

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