IBM launches quantum computing API, work on commercial systems

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IBM launches quantum computing API, work on commercial systems style=

An API (application programming interface) that was added to International Business Machines Corp.’s Quantum Experience cloud may help third parties including scientists in the development of solutions. Almost one year ago, the technology giant based in Armonk, New York, has launched a computer with five quantum bits, or qubits, and opened access.

The company now also started working on commercial quantum systems IBM Q with the aim to make them available to customers through its cloud.

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Quantum computing has potential for use in studying molecular and chemical structures toward invention of pharmaceuticals. IBM’s project engineers also noted the technology can optimize logistics and fleet sizes for segments of supply. The innovative systems can be used for modeling of financial data according to comprehensive risks, big data management in artificial intelligence, and securing private information in cloud.

“We envision IBM Q systems working in concert with our portfolio of classical high-performance systems to address problems that are currently unsolvable, but hold tremendous untapped value,” said Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president of IBM Systems, and added conventional machines have limited possibilities regardless of increasing speed.

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

The company also said it upgraded its simulator for circuits of up to 20 qubits, while that a full SDK (software development kit) is in the pipeline to be released by the end of June.

“Following Watson and blockchain, we believe that quantum computing will provide the next powerful set of services delivered via the IBM Cloud platform, and promises to be the next major technology that has the potential to drive a new era of innovation across industries,” said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president of Hybrid Cloud and director for IBM Research.

The existing platform brought 15 third-party research papers and was used for 275,000 experiments, the press release said and noted 40,000 users were registered.

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