Keep your holiday chill longer

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So you had a relaxing holiday? Right now, you’re in a super healthy low-stress state that will eventually fade as work commitments and the hustle of daily life take their toll. How do we know this?

Last year, American researchers took 102 women on a five-day holiday to a fancy resort in California, and found that their gene activity, blood markers and wellbeing improved dramatically, and were still improved a month later.

But the benefits mostly faded ten months after the holiday — except in those who continued to practice meditation and incorporated relaxation in their lives.

In other words, you can hang on to your post-holiday high if you get more serious about meditation and relaxation.

If you want some help, try this: an 8-minute soundtrack considered to be the most relaxing ever created, called “Weightless” and available on iTunes or YouTube, by English musical trio Marconi Union. It’s scientifically designed to reduce a listener’s heart rate and blood pressure as well as lower stress.

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