Moses Sumney Releases “Quarrel,” the Second Gorgeous, Isolating Track Off ‘Aromanticism’

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Moses Sumney hasn’t even released his first full album yet, but with his “Lamentations” EP, his championing by Solange, his track “Plastic”s’ prime spot on Insecure‘s Season 1 finale, or his more recent “Lonely World” ending an episode of Queen Sugar, there are quite a few places where you may have been struck by his singularly haunting voice — often stacked over itself in wailing, hissing choruses — and emotionally blunt lyrics.

Now, the second track from his now-awaited LP, Aromanticism (out September 22 on Jagjaguwar), has been released. Titled “Quarrel,” the song adds harp to his soundscape, which has often paired acoustic instrumentation with manipulated or layered vocals (the peak example of this pairing thus far comes on “Worth It,” where the percussion largely consists of infrequently snapping fingers, while autotuned vocals ooze in every which direction.)

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“Quarrel” continues the motif of “aromanticism” with the repetition of the lyric, “Don’t call it a lover’s quarrel” in the chorus, and, elsewhere, “With you half the battle/ Is proving that we’re at war / I would give my life just for the privilege to ignore.” The song features a pause at 4:16, then erupts into a wordless, two minute jazzy psychedelic conclusion. (A second, edited version was released without this part.) Thundercat (who worked with Sumney on “Lonely World”), Cam O’bi and Paris Strother contributed to the song.


Source: Moses Sumney Releases “Quarrel,” the Second Gorgeous, Isolating Track Off ‘Aromanticism’