Pastry Chef Creates “No Bake” Raw Vegan Cakes Resembling Real Flower Bouquets

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Vegan Dessert Cake

Now more than ever, it seems like cakes are becoming increasingly complex in their decoration. Rather than being just food, they’ve transcended into works of art. Berlin-based pastry chef Juliana Tar, aka Culinary Dots, produces awe-inspiring desserts that resemble vibrant bouquets of fresh florals. We’ve marveled over these types of cakes before with buttercream flower confections. Tar’s creations, however, are a twist on that trend; she has perfected the all-natural raw cake.

A raw cake is often part of a vegan diet, and the tasty treats are no-bake desserts. Typically, they get their sweetness from dried fruit, raw agave nectar, or other natural sweeteners. To achieve their bright colors, spices such as turmeric—which has a gorgeous orange hue—are used. Although Tar does not reveal her recipes, she does share some of the ingredients like Mexican vanilla, wild berries, and blue matcha. Together, they help form edible art that’s blossoming with exquisite texture, while also showcasing the delicious beauty that’s capable when you work with all-natural ingredients.

Pastry chef Juliana Tar, aka Culinary Dots, creates raw vegan cake that resembles a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Vegan Dessert CakeRaw CakeRaw Vegan CakeRaw Vegan CakeRaw Vegan CakeVegan Dessert Ideas

Using all-natural ingredients and no-bake recipes, she creates tasty treats that are also healthy.

Vegan Dessert IdeasRaw Vegan CakeVegan Dessert IdeasVegan Dessert IdeasRaw Cake

Tar doesn’t share her recipes, but her beautiful raw cake photos give us plenty of vegan dessert ideas!

Vegan Dessert CakeUnique DessertsUnique DessertsUnique DessertsRaw CakeRaw CakeRaw CakeVegan Dessert CakeUnique Desserts

Culinary Dots: Website | Instagram | Facebook
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All images via Juliana Tar.

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