Pulled Pork and Sour Cream Gnocchi

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Recipe Sponsored by Curly’s BBQ

It’s hard to find a weeknight dinner that is satisfying but also can be on the table in under a half hour, and in December, I am so busy that this is really what I need most nights. I end up grabbing takeout most of the time out of frustration! Using shortcuts like buying pre made gnocchi and grabbing a package of Curly’s Pulled Pork can really help me make something on the quick. I am already out and about running errands and grabbing these things at the store makes my life easier but still gives me the satisfaction of turning on the stove and making something at home.

I came up with the idea of this pork and gnocchi dish that is almost like a cross between loaded potato and stroganoff flavors. It is hearty and filling for these cold nights, but comes together fast if you have store bought gnocchi.

Original post: Pulled Pork and Sour Cream Gnocchi