Tale of the Tape: King Kong VS Godzilla

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Kong:  Skull Island is in theaters on March 8th, 2017, so what better time to investigate the beast that will hopefully/eventually/absolutely needs to challenge Godzilla – the King of the Monsters?  The latest incarnation of Kong stands at 100 feet tall and, based on the calculations below, will weigh in at around 1,400 tons, or ten times the weight of a blue whale – the world’s largest (real) animal.

Source: http://www.bestukcasino.org.uk/kongs-weight-in-real-life/

How does that stack up to the King of the Monsters, Godzilla?  With a heart roughly 60 feet across and weighing 100 tons on its own while pumping 530,000 gallons of “blood”, Godzilla dramatically outweighs and outclasses his opponent.

By estimating the mass of Godzilla’s femur bone and by using a formula developed by paleontologists to work out the mass of bipedal dinosaurs, we can estimate his total weight, which comes in around 164,000 tons, or roughly 114 times more than King Kong.

The impossible size of GodzillaSource: Stephanie Gonot/Andrew Rae vis Popular Mechanics

This massive size discrepancy poses a problem if the two beasts are to ever meet on screen (which they are rumored to do).

Either scale will need to be adjusted, or some other advantage will have to be given to the mighty Kong.  Kong is strong and huge (his generally accepted height is 50 feet, but it’s been has high as 164 feet) – he can scale the Empire State Building, after all – but Godzilla is the height of a skyscraper on his own (the 2014 incarnation stands at roughly 350 feet).  He’d simply need step on Kong or light up on fire.   Then again, King Kong is agile (case in point:  when he battles the t-rexes) and the speedier of the two.  He’s also got a reasonably sized brain which he can use to his advantage.

Perhaps after they overcome their differences in Round 1, Godzilla and Kong will band together to destroy other Kaiju.  In any case, the battles will be epic.

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