The Mindset that Permanently Changes Your Career

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Work is hard.

That’s why in English language, we have words and phrases such as “hardworking”, “work your ass off” and “work like a horse”.

However, there is a single mindset shift that could permanently change your career from now on, no matter which industry you are in.  This mindset is seeing your boss and co-workers as your clients.

  • The person who directly affects your pay checks is your real client. Maybe you work for a company which has clients who buy your company’s products and services.  But they are the company’s clients, not your clients.  Your real client is the person who directly affects your pay checks.  Therefore, your No. 1 client is actually your boss.  If it’s a small company, maybe your boss is the person who pays you.  If it’s a big company, maybe your boss is the manager who hires you and supervises you.  Your real job is to make sure this person is happy and satisfied, so that you will be happy and satisfied with your pay checks.
  • Pitch to your boss the way you would pitch to a client. Instead of passively waiting for your boss to tell you what to do, you would be well-advised to proactively pitch to your boss.  For example, this afternoon I’m going to let my boss know that I would like to write 10 information products for the company in 2018.  Being proactive is better because I can always analyse the proposal and make sure it’s a win-win situation beforehand.
  • Your coworkers indirectly affect your pay checks. Make sure you treat your co-workers well because: 1) you would benefit from the cooperative dynamics; 2) you don’t really know who is catching up with who after work.

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