Tips to Substitute Sugar with Honey in Baked Goods

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If you are “Health is my first priority” kind of person, I am sure you always try to avoid sugars because of CALORIES. And this is the reason, sometimes you have to ditch your favorite cookies and cakes. No need to do this. What you have to do is, replace your sugar with honey. Trust me you’ll see a big difference and here’s everything you need to know, how.

What Honey Has & Sugar Doesn’t

According to, having sugar means empty calories without any vitamins and minerals. In fact, added sugar is one of the worst ingredients you have in your modern diet and is probably very unhealthy for your health. Relax, you can still have your favorite sweets and baked goods while maintaining your health. Let me tell you how, instead of sugar add honey, one of the best natural sweeteners to your sauces, drinks and bakery products.

Honey contains 40% fructose, 30% glucose, water and minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. But be careful while adding honey to anything because it is high in calories and may also raise the blood sugar levels. 1 cup of honey says, 339 grams contains 1031 calories.

The reason, why honey is sweeter than table sugar, is the high level of fructose present in it. Honey should be used in a less amount if you want to substitute honey with sugar and of course if your recipe asks for sugar.

Some Rules you should follow while Replacing Sugar with Honey

1. Use less honey than sugar

.Depending on the type of honey you bought, always remember that honey is twice or thrice the sweeter than sugar. To make sure, let me share a secret, darker the color, stronger the flavor will be. Want to replace sugar with honey? Let’s say, for a cake recipe, instead of 1 cup of sugar add ½ to 2/3 cup of honey.

2. Reduce the liquids

You also need to lessen the total amount of liquids in your recipe. In case you don’t know, let me tell you that honey comes with about 20% of water as compared to sugar. So, if you are replacing sugar with honey make sure for every recipe where you need to add 1 cup of honey, reduce a ¼ cup of other liquids. Doing this will make your cake just fine.

3. Lower oven temperature

Did you know that honey caramelizes quicker than sugar and also provide you with an amazing cake with a darker color? But if you don’t want your cake to brown too fast, simply lower down the temperature of your oven by 25° F or 4° C. keep in mind, unless and until you get used to how honey works, keep a watch on your baked goods.

4. More beating

If you are baking something which requires a good beating, remember if you are replacing sugar with honey, you need to make an extra effort because honey recipes require forceful beating as compared to sugar recipes. I got these tips when I was taking baking classes in delhi. These types of tips help us a lot and baking schools are doing good in giving education to their students.

5. Add baking soda

Since honey is naturally acidic in nature, thus, you need to add little baking soda in the recipe so that it balances out that acidity. Doing this will allow the cake or other baked good to rise properly. For every 1 cup of honey, you need to add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda.

How to Choose your Honey

So, it’s final that you are going to replace sugar with honey but be careful about its purchase. It is really very important that you are using real honey for your recipes. If health is what you are more worried and not the calories, just remember that honey is a better sweetener. The sugar present in it provides your body with the essential nutrients, which is difficult to find in regular sugars. Flavor of the honey matter the most and depends on the flowers it is made from.